Dental opinions in English..

Given the fact that I have a fair amount of visits from foreign countries,I have decided to translate some of my blog articles to English.There is a translation button to other languages in the blog itself,but everytime I try it,I find that it is very dificult for "google translate" to translate some words;thus the meaning of my thoughts sometimes gets distorted.Also it will give me a chance to brush up on my English!

With these words and thoughts my new effort has begun.

And its' name is 

I wil try to be as frequent as possible.

I hope you like and embrace my new effort!

First post
Familiarize yourself with dentist.Dental chair(seat)
Familiarize yourself with the dentistry.Dental x-rays
Local dental anaesthesia
Problem with the tooth.Extraction needed
What is a surgical tooth extraction
Guidelines after tooth extraction
Doctor I think I need a filling
Root canal treatment (RCT)
Clenching or grinding of teeth.Am I a bruxist?
How to take a dental impression 

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